Monday, February 12, 2007

Busy Busy Busy

I have received a few grumpy e-mails regarding my recent lack of posts. The causes of this are twofold:

1) My recently departed boss in the Army secretariat has finally been replaced with a newly-minted SES from the Defense Security Cooperation Agency. He's a nice guy with long experience on the business side of security cooperation, but he is a relative lightweight in the technology department. I was elected to give him a tutorial on missile technology and proliferation that inadvertantly ate up a good portion of my week.

2) The recent spate of helo shootdowns shootdowns has whipped the defense science community into a stir. Weapons managers are once again looking at the relative efficacy of different countermeasures technologies. One thing is for certain, I've heard the word "dazzler" more times in the last week than it is typically used at the average cheerleading competition.

I was originally planning on posting something about MANPADS, but David Hambling beat me to the punch over at DT. I may still write something about U.S. efforts to reign in MANPADS proliferation, provided it doesn't bore my readers.

My boss is also having be write a criticism of DOD attempts at 'defense transformation' that I think I post later this week.

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