Monday, February 26, 2007

Just wait until they create improvised lightsabers

Michael Yon has blessed us with yet another poorly lit picture of an odd-shaped mystery weapon in Iraq. This spooky follow-on to last time's maybe sawed-off RPG launcher, maybe laser-gun is probably an booby trap or some kind of improvised mine.

The brass disc on its top (or bottom) was most likely the object's trigger. What is slightly odd about the object is its shell, which could be anything between plastic, metal or even some sort of glazed composite. One thing is for sure, it definitely reminds me of a scene from the beginning of Return of the Jedi:

Uh, oh... but what, what did I say?
(to Boushh)
Uh, the mighty Jabba asks why he must pay fifty thousand.

The bounty hunter holds up a small silver ball in his hand. Threepio looks at it, then looks at Jabba, then back to the bounty hunter. The droid is very nervous and Jabba is getting very impatient.

Because he's holding a thermal detonator!

That must be it. The Iraqis have advanced from EFPs to thermal detonators. Next thing you know, they will be commanding the Force and riding Speeder Bikes.

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A.E. said...

How bizarre.

I'm still waiting for the phasers.