Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Update Madness February 20, 2007

New digs for Noah Shachtman

For those who haven't heard, one of the kinds of defense technology reporting has moved on to greener blogging pastures at Wired.com. We had a chat earlier today and frankly I'm excited about his prospects at Wired. It is a huge step up in terms of market share and Wired will probably let him cast a wider net in terms of defense topics. John Robb or I might even be able to crosspost some of 'crazy' ideas about fourth generation warfare and defense transformation.

Other stuff

I should received word about final selections for PMF by the end of next week. I'm a bit nervous, but the kind e-mails and comments I've received from readers have been encouraging. To be honest, I'm still dithering between the PMF and staying at GWU to complete a PhD in public policy. My proposal to explore how counterinsurgency theory translates into practice has apparently raised some eyebrows among the National Security Policy program's faculty.

Oh and Happy Birthday to my girlfriend Mary. She has apparently figured out my secret identity and has become a reader herself. What a nerd...

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A.E. said...

The blog's name reminds me of X-Men---danger room, hahaa