Thursday, May 24, 2007

MC Ahmadinejad's New Album

In celebration of the IAEA's new report on the implementation of NPT safeguards in Iran, MC Ahmadinejad has released a new album entitled "My Nuclear Report Card."

Update: For those not familiar with the burgeoning hyphy hip-hop scene coming out of the San Fransisco Bay area, this cover is loosely patterned off of album cover of E-40's My Ghetto Report Card. Its a terrible album by the way -- the only redeemable song is last summer's hit "U and Dat."


Haninah said...

I hear DJ Mahmoud is actually part of an E-40 cover band. They call themselves U-235.

Robot Economist said...

Oh snap!

A.E. said...

Any connection to MC Rove?