Sunday, June 17, 2007

The rumors are true

As some of my readers have already heard, I was hired by the Department of State to work on chemical and biological weapons proliferation. I will remain with the Army for another 3-6 months while I undergo additional background checks.


Noah Shachtman said...

As we say in New York: Mazel tov!

J. said...

Oh you poor boy. I didn't think the current administration believed in CB nonproliferation. Or maybe it's just that they changed the definition - I think their idea of "CB nonproliferation" is now spelled PSI.

Robot Economist said...

Heh. I plan on boning up my reading -- I've been eyeing Kissenger's Diplomacy.

They have actually given me a few assignments to start thinking about -- nothing the average nonproliferation wonk would be excited about, but its in my area of interest (East Asia). I may actually be out in the field making deals for a few months.

Anonymous said...

Not be a pessimist, but I give it two years and you'll be yet another penniless, disgruntled, disenchanted GS employee clogging the arteries of Washington, DC.

Quit now and go work for a contractor - at least you can make some money while finding out that no matter which administration is in the White House, there is a HUGE inertia in place that prevents meaningful change.

However, congrats none-the-less! Black passport here you come!

Robot Economist said...

Mr. Anonymous - As someone who is going to take a $15,000 pay cut to work for the federal government, I understand your point.

For me, going across the river to the Truman building is about three things: (1) Getting my clearance upgraded, (2) getting some hands-on experience with U.S. nonproliferation policy, and (3) maybe spending 6-8 months working in Taipei.

I may be poorer when my two years are up, but my chances of getting into the PhD program of my choice will have increased dramatically.

Then the real masochism begins.