Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Arm wrestling in Iraq

There is something deeply ironic about this short video clip. I'm glad to see that at least some of our troops are getting along with the Iraqi military well enough to horse around.

American wins indeed.


Anonymous said...

I watched similar clips on Uzbek tv in 1998 during a visit there. 82nd airborne guys, if I remember correctly, visiting for a show of goodwill tour through the 'Stans, arm-wrestled a whole bunch of skinny, malnourished Uzbek conscripts.

Of course there were the panning shots of laughing troops, sharing in the bonhomie of testosterone-laden rivalry. And of course the only matches that Uzbek TV aired in their entirety resulted in some exceptionally huge Uzbek lug vanquishing the US paratrooper.

Ugh. How did that goodwill work out for us in the end? What happened to our base there? Our gold joint-ventures? To put it sarcastically, I am dubious of the efficacy of arm-wrestling on public diplomacy.

Robot Economist said...

Oh, I doubt arm-wrestling has ever been even a peripheral component of U.S. public diplomacy or mil-to-mil relations.

It is just good to see that at least some of our troops are working well enough the Iraqis to horse around with them.