Thursday, July 5, 2007


So I saw the Transformers movie last night. It was 'aaaite' -- the story was pretty incoherent, but the 144 minute run time offers enough hot robot-on-robot action to make it worth paying full price for a ticket.

What I thought was far more interesting was the trailer for next film to come out under J.J. Abram's Bad Robot Studio currently dubbed Cloverfield. It was an intense experience that blends the first-person point of view cinematography of the Blair Witch Project with what appears to be some sort of Godzilla-type theme.

The whole thing is being done under a pretty heavy veil of secrecy. The film's site offers little more than an ominous picture of two frightened young women looking behind the camera. Paramount, who is going to be the distributor on this flick, won't avow its existence, except to tell the guys at to take an embed link to an illegally-captured screener of the trailer off of their site. I doubt Paramount will happen upon my blog, so here is a screener I found on Youtube. There are also all of these 'Ethan Haas was right' videos on Youtube, which you can access by figuring out the puzzles on this site.

Weird stuff.

Upate: There is apparently an 'Ethan Hass was wrong' blog as well and the Cthulhu is clearly mentioned among the gibberish and Hindi script used on the site.

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