Sunday, August 5, 2007

A short dramatization

Apple Headquarters, just outside of San Fransisco:

iTunes Software Engineer 1: Hey, you know what would be totally awesome?

iTunes Software Engineer 2: No, what?

iTunes Software Engineer 1: Let's design an update to iTunes that reformats people's iPods shortly after installation.

iTunes Software Engineer 2: Great idea! Since we assume that everyone only loads their iPods with music purchased from iTunes, instead of from their extensive CD collections, nothing bad should come of this.

iTunes Software Engineer 1: Yup. And people wonder why Apple products aren't more popular.

iTunes Software Engineer 2: I know!

RE's apartment, somewhere in Northern Virginia:

Robot Economist: Hey, an iTunes update. Maybe the iTunes guys spruced up the graphical interface this time...

End of dramatization. I was going to write something about arms deals in the Near East, but instead I will be spending this weekend ripping my CD collection again. F*cking Apple...


Anonymous said...

i dunno, worked for me, w/o losing either ripped music nor, err, borrowed from the internet music...


Robot Economist said...

Well I won't put my hand on the Bible and claim legal acquisition for all of my mp3s, but I won't complain about losing them either.

I think this may be because my iPod is a almost 4 years old. I backed up 16 GB of music back in 2005, so I'm not completely screwed.