Thursday, February 1, 2007

PMF exam

The deed is done and it only took 4 hours. I feel like Photoshoping something when I get home. Check back tomorrow morning.

I think the theme will be: "MC Ahmadinejad seyz the rims keep spinnin' even after the centrifuges stop."

Update: I just realized that I don't have any webspace to host a picture. Nevermind then...

Second Update: J pointed out that I could use Flickr. Smart guy. Too bad its Super Bowl weekend or I'd have time to upload a few of my concepts.

As promised: (I fiddled with the size a little)

Note: It appears 23 is giving me too many broken links. I have opened up a Flickr account (after setting aside initial suspicions that Yahoo! wouldn't hide my real name). I've also taken to uploading my picture directly to the blog. We'll see what works.


Anonymous said...


J. said...

Use Flickr, its free.

Robot Economist said...

Good idea. I will get on it after work.

Anonymous said...

how was the PMF exam? I am taking it tomorrow. Any advice?

Robot Economist said...

Anonymous -

Have you ever taken the foreign service exam? It was much easier and shorter than that.

If you haven't already, definitely read through OPM's Assessment Prep Guide. The guidance for the first and third sections is really useful.

I found that I had enough time to complete each section and double check my answers thoroughly. If you're good at logic games and proofreading, you will do well.

One last comment - if you're taking it at OPM headquarters at 1900 E Street, make sure you dress warmly. The PMF exam room has windows across two walls and bleeds heat pretty badly.

The Decider said...

image links are dead! i keep coming back to see this, too

Robot Economist said...

Flickr has banished broken links to the far corners of the Internets once and for all.