Sunday, February 4, 2007

Under the weather

Faithful readers, please pardon the lack of updates, but I was taken ill this weekend. It looks like my girlfriend's cold finally caught up with me around Saturday morning. Hopefully I will shake it this week.

I will try to have a first look at the DOD budget when it hits the public sometime tomorrow. My top items of interest will include:

1) The fate of the Land Warrior

2) The size of the President's FY08 supplemental request

3) The topline for missile defense and the Reliable Replacement Warhead

My gut (and my ex-girlfriend in the comptroller's office) tells me that Land Warrior will probably be zeroed, the supplemental will be a total of $250 billion and missile defense and the RRW will be untouched... And to think Bob Work said I was crazy for predicting $700 billion in defense spending in FY08.

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