Friday, March 30, 2007

Nonproliferation LOLs - 30 March 2007

Paul K. pulled out a great quote related to the North Korean nuclear situation out of Wednesday's Choson Ilbo:

When North Korea’s chief nuclear negotiator Kim Kye-gwan met his U.S. counterpart Christopher Hill in New York on March 5, a source familiar with U.S.-North Korean relations says, Kim asked Hill to “treat us the way you treat India.”


No, seriously - I feel for Chris Hill, I really do. He's the guy who has to negotiate an nuclear arms control agreement on behalf of an administration that doesn't believe in arms control and is preparing for a more proliferated world. That kind of job clearly falls into the 'sucks' category.


Haninah said...

"Treat us the way you treat India."

Brilliant. Again validating Trey Parker and Matt Stone's remarkable insight that the entire North Korean nuclear negotiating script is cribbed from the libretto of a bad Broadway musical. Or in this case maybe it's a country-western song. Can't you just hear Reba McIntyre singing "Baby, treat me like you treat India/ Sell me fuel like it's nothin' to ya..."

- Haninah

Robot Economist said...

Haninah - I didn't know you were musically-inclined. I'm thinking about something that sounds a bit more like an Elvis song.