Monday, April 2, 2007

Whatever dude...

Not only can the nexus of terrorism and WMD score you cheap political points in Congress, you can now use it to support boutique lobbying efforts! I have two questions for the folks at Wakeup Walmart:

1) What about other firms that opposed the 100% cargo container screening amendment? Is Wakeup Walmart ready to take on a larger debate regarding the relative importance of trade versus security in America?

2) How does criticizing Walmart on the grounds of national security further Wakeup Walmart's agenda to unionize Walmart?

This video is about as convincing as the Committee to Bridge the Gap's lobbying effort to build giant steel cribs around all of America's nuclear reactors in order to protect them from airplane strikes.

To balance those videos out, here is a hilarious short called "L33t Haxxors" that was featured on recently.

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