Thursday, August 2, 2007


Well folks, here is my first draft of the Program Executive Officer Battle-Oriented Optical Network Data Operations Ground Geared Linkage Elements (PEO BOONDOGGLE) seal. I think I am going to tweek it some tonight -- seems like I haven't crammed enough platforms into it.


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, this is missing many key elements:

Where's the link back to HQ so they can see what's going on?

Where's the link back to the intel group so they can argue with HQ about what's going on?

Where's the link back to the contractor who's going to maintain this?

Robot Economist said...

Mr. Anonymous - Okay, I will yield on your first two points, but I will argue with your on the last. The Army can't give the impression that the contractor is actually part of the government.

As a support contractor filling an Army billet, I have first-hand experience with this issue. It can make for awkward moments at the negotiating table.